Mission Statement:

Creating Modern Wedding and Quinceañera Films.


Our sole purpose is to create modern Wedding and Quinceañera films that our clients will want to watch over and over with the same excitement as the actual day of the event. We apply the same creativity and passion to our Weddings and Quinceañeras to deliver more and beyond for our clients and exceed their expectations by thinking out of the box.

We started filming musicals and sports, as people started to notice our work, we were asked to film a Wedding and a Quinceañera that lead the way to many more.

With great sacrifice, hard work, and 13 years later, ECACE Productions was founded and sustain till todays date, all thanks to the great quality and modern style of filming Weddings and Quinceañeras.


Currently Edgar Diaz is the CEO / President of this young company and we are very confident that with hard work, leadership, professionalism and dedication, our success will continue to grow and keep on filming Weddings, Quinceañeras and any other film event in the Chicago-Land Area.


ECACE Productions is a boutique studio that only accepts a limited number of assignments per year. Inquire early to ensure availability.



Edgar Diaz

ECACE Productions


Short Films

Have you ever dreamed to be the lead actor of your own film? 

Now is the time to make your Dreams come true!

The Story of my Life

Have you ever wondered were your ancestors migrated from and how was their life style years before you were born?

Now you could have the story of your loved ones on video narrated by them in their own words!


Now in days all Athletes need to have video footage so they could use as resume for colleges and professional scouts. Do you have yours?

Once Upon a Time

Why not have on video the exciting story of your little ones at the park?

Imagine to relive the wonderful moments of your little ones in a Cinematic Production and share with all your family and friends!