My Secret When I Edit A Wedding Highlight.

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Eddie shows us his ultimate Hot Wheels garage.

Kids Creative World

Big Bear goes to see the Doctor for a check up, what a fun visit it was!

Kids Creative World

Welcome to ECACE TV where our Imagination, Innovation and Creativity has no limits!


In this video we show you a quick way on how we compose our videos using the green screen.

Special Thanks to Kids Creative World

In this video I am going to briefly explain what type of lighting do I use when I shoot weddings, I will also talk about shadows and extreme close ups during the Bride's Preps in a Wedding.


Blender 3D

Ahh Bearrr!

Done in Blender.

Tutorial by: Tutor4u

Here is a a sphere to a glass of wine animation done in Blender.

Tutorial by: Tutor4u

It is very important to keep on practicing everyday, even if you only press a few buttons, as long as you don't give up.

This tutorial is from Tutor4u.

Blender Tutorial for Beginners: Cloth Napkin

This is the first 3D scene that I created with Blender, I learned it from an amazing artist Andrew Price from Blender Guru.

Blender Beginner Tutorial